BitScope BS05T

BitScope Micro (Micro + Tom Thumb)
BitScope Micro
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Order Code BS05T
Description 20 MHz bandwidth x 8 channel (2 analog + 6 digital) mixed signal scope and waveform generator. Samples to 40 MS/s, 12 kB buffer, 3.0 Mb/s. Light weight, water resistant. 10 mixed signal test probes, USB cable, Tom Thumb Port Adapter (MP02A) and software.
Comment Micro + Tom Thumb.
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Product Information

BitScope Micro is a tiny mixed signal scope in probe but don't let the size fool you. It's a full featured mixed signal oscilloscope, test and measurement system (full details). It's USB powered and like all BitScopes fully user programmable.

It comes with a set of ten mixed signal mini-grabber test probes and powerful software for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Raspberry Pi. Also included is the Tom Thumb In-Line Oscilloscope Probe adapter (MP02A).

It's the ideal diagnostic and debugging tool for any analog, digital or logic circuit.