BitScope BS05P

BitScope Micro (Micro + Hammerhead)
BitScope Micro
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Order Code BS05P
Description 20 MHz bandwidth x 8 channel (2 analog + 6 digital) mixed signal scope and waveform generator. Samples to 40 MS/s, 12 kB buffer, 3.0 Mb/s. Light weight, water resistant. 10 mixed signal test probes, USB cable, Hammerhead Port Adapter (MP01A) and software.
Comment Micro + Hammerhead.
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Product Information

BitScope Micro is a tiny mixed signal scope in probe but don't let the size fool you. It's a full featured mixed signal oscilloscope, test and measurement system (full details). It's USB powered and like all BitScopes fully user programmable.

It comes with a set of ten mixed signal mini-grabber test probes and powerful software for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Raspberry Pi. Also included is the Hammerhead Dual Channel Oscilloscope Probe adapter (MP01A).

It's the ideal diagnostic and debugging tool for any analog, digital or logic circuit.