BitScope CB04B

BitScope Cluster Blade (Raspberry Pi x 4 + HAT x 4)
BitScope Cluster Blade
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Description The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Cluster Solution. Use stand-alone, in clusters or racks. Raspberry Pi 4B, 3B+, 3B, 2B or Zero. 12V~28V (unregulated) input. 5V @ 50W (peak, regulated) output. Active Cooling System. Cluster Bus & Control Plane. Node Power, Bootstrap & Shut-Down. Power, Voltage & Current Monitoring. Power Good & Load. Battery Backed UPS.
Comment Raspberry Pi x 4 + HAT x 4.
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Product Information

BitScope Cluster Blade is an industrial grade solution for building Raspberry Pi Clusters.

It integrates a 50W power regulator, pre-emptive active cooling, full control plane with remote power control, system monitoring and diagnostics.

It offers geographical addressing in a plug-and-play architecture which scales from 4 to 96 nodes per module. Modules combine in racks to create clusters.

Cluster Blade is compatible with Blade Quattro and adds support for Raspberry Pi 4B and HATs.


Product Name BitScope Cluster Blade Quattro
Raspberry Pi Models 4 x Raspberry Pi 4B, 3B+, 3B, 2B, B+, A+ or Pi Zero
Cluster Control Plane Built-in. Extendable RS-485 based Cluster Bus and Control Plane.
Cluster Module Sizes 4 nodes (minimum, one blade) to 96 node (maximum, 24 blades)
HAT Support Yes. One per Raspberry Pi.
USB Ports 16 (8 x USB2 + 8 x USB3, Raspberry Pi 4B)
HDMI & sound outputs 2 x HDMI (Raspberry Pi 4B Slot 1) plus audio out
Primary Power 5V (Raspberry Pi J8 & USB)
Auxilliary Power Yes (5V via header)
Indicator LEDs Power, Load & Signal Indicators are automatic.
Bitscope I/O System Real-time monitoring of voltage, current and power, full API.
Active Cooling System 4 x 30mm cooling fans (one per node) with pre-emptive progam control.
Remote Node Control Full remote power, bootstrap and powerdown control.
Geographic Addressing Yes. Including Node UUID and FLASH reprogrammable addressing.
Device power-override header Yes
Processor reset/interrupt Yes
Blade mount tabs Vcc & Gnd with M3 holes
Raspberry Pi mounts M2.5 per HAT specification
19" rack compatible Variety of options available
Power budget 10A/50W (peak), 9A/45W (continuous)
UPS compatible Yes (includes blocking diode)
PoE compatible Yes (with passive PoE cable)
Power Requirement 12V(5A) ~ 24V(2A)
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Storage Requirements -40 °C ~ +40 °C / 5 % ~ 95 % RH
Dimensions (W x D x H) 85 x 280 x 25 mm
Weight (Net) 150g