BitScope ADC-02

75 MHz A/D Convertor Module (obsolete)
75 MHz A/D Convertor Module
Product Summary
Order Code ADC-02
Description TI TLC5540 based A/D module designed as a plug-in replacement for the original Motorola MC10319 chip
Comment obsolete.
Quantity USD (US Dollar)
1+ $ 29.95

Product Information

This is our SMD 40 MS/s A/D module as used in BS220 and BS300 BitScopes and BitScope kits.

It is available here as an upgrade for owners of older 100 and early 200 series BitScopes.

It has 75 MHz bandwidth. Compensation circuitry in BS300 scopes extends this to 100 MHz.

It replaces ADC-01. Full details and upgrade history is available here.

Note: it is pin compatible with the now obsolete Motorola MC10319 and many people have found it a useful substitute for this chip in their own applications, not just BitScope.