BitScope BS10U8

USB BitScope 10 (8-pack)
USB BitScope 10
Product Summary
Order Code BS10U8
Description 100 MHz x 10 channel (2 analog + 8 logic) 40 MS/s, 12 kB buffer, 5.0 Mb/s. Includes 10 mixed signal test probes, USB cable and software per unit.
Comment 8-pack.
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1+ $ 1595.00

Product Information

BS10U really is tiny, but don't let the size fool you because it's a full feature mixed signal oscilloscope and test system not just another little logic analyzer (read full details). BS10U is USB powered and user programmable. It includes a set of ten mixed signal mini-grabber test probes and powerful software for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Raspberry Pi. BS10U does not require a logic probe because the supplied test probes connect directly to BS10U. If you want to connect oscilloscope probes we recommend SP01A. This allows BS10U to be used with BNC terminated oscilloscope probes which you can add to your order if you don't already have these. It's the ideal prototype and debugging tool for any analog, digital or logic circuit, especially if you work with systems like Arduino.