BitScope CLP-02

Extra test clips (Mini-grabber style)
Extra test clips
Product Summary
Order Code CLP-02
Description 10 x 8" colored leads with grabber clips suitable for use with a logic POD or direct connection with BitScope.
Comment Mini-grabber style.
Quantity USD (US Dollar)
1+ $ 39.45
5+ $ 29.95
10+ $ 19.95

Product Information

Mini-Grabber Clip Figure

Mini-Grabber style test clip

CLP-02 is an extra set of 10 test leads with mini-grabber clips for LP103X or with BS10U and BitScope Micro.

They are ideal for surface-mount or thru- hole electronic components, fine gauge wire and circuit test points.

When used with LP103W or LP103X they are suitable 3.3/5V CMOS & TTL logic and ± 12V analog signals up to 50MHz.

These clips may also be used connected directly to BitScope (i.e. without LP103) but lower bandwidth and 5V CMOS levels only.

LP103X, BS10U and BitScope Micro are all supplied with a set of these test leads as standard. We recommend you purchase these clips here only if you want spares or additional test clips.