BitScope DP01A

Dual Channel Active Differential Probe (for BS10 only)
Dual Channel Active Differential Probe
Product Summary
Order Code DP01A
Description 10 MHz 2:1 & 3MHz 1:5 (switchable), 10MΩ/5pF, 13.8V CM, 12.5V peak. Differential, single-ended & AC coupled measurements. Includes cable and a full set of mixed signal grabber probes (i.e. in addition to those that come with BS10).
Comment for BS10 only.
Quantity USD (US Dollar)
1+ $ 75.45
5+ $ 63.20
10+ $ 59.80

Product Information

DP01 is a dual channel active differential probe compatible with BitScope Mini. It is ideal for unreferenced and differential measurements over the range ±13.8V and with bandwidth up to 10MHz (full details).

Connection is made via twisted pair or low cost test probes. High common mode noise rejection allows high resolution measurement compared to singled ended.

Probe is active and powered by the BitScope. Two switchable attenuation ranges are available; 2:1 and 1:5. These are supported by BitScope software and cover a wide range of differential voltage measurements from 1mV to 12.5V over a ±13.8V range. Ideal for looking at small signals on large bias voltages (e.g. power supplies, amplifiers etc) or for making differential measurements which are otherwise not possible with singled ended inputs.

Attenuation/Gain Ratios 2:1 & 1:5 (prescale on)
Input Bandwidth DC to 10MHz (-3dB, prescale off)
DC to 3MHz (-3dB, prescale on)
Common Mode Rejection 100Hz: >1,000 : 1
1MHz: > 400 : 1
Input Resistance 20MΩ (differential)
10MΩ (common)
Input Capacitance 2.5pF (differential)
5pF (common)
Maximum Working Voltage 12.5Vp-p (differental)
±13.8Vpeak (common)
Power Requirement 5V & 3V3 (provided by BitScope)
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