BitScope DWG100

DSP Waveform Generator (Option for BS100)
DSP Waveform Generator
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Order Code DWG100
Description BitGen integrated waveform and timing generator solution for USB BitScope 100. Pre-installed if purchased with BS100U
Comment Option for BS100.
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1+ $ 84.95

Product Information

DWG100 (BitGen) is a DSP based waveform and timing generator upgrade for BS100U.

It mounts inside the BitScope and comes with installation instructions and new software. It is a standard feature of BS120U, you don't need to purchase this upgrade if you have BS120U.

Waveform Generators Specification
Generator Types [1] VSR, DDS, CLK & PRNG
Frequency (max) [2] 1MHz (DDS, PRNG), 1.5MHz (VSR) or 5MHz (CLK)
Frequency (min) [2] 1mHz (DDS), 1Hz (VSR, PRNG) or 1kHz (CLK)
Resolution 6 digits or 1mHz (DDS)
Accuracy [3] ±30ppm, 18° to 30° (typical)
Temperature Coefficient [4]≈1ppm/°C
Built-in Wave-Functions Sine, Ramp, Step, Exponential, Noise
Loadable Wavetable Size 2 to 1024 samples
Trigger/Burst/Clock [5] Specification
Operating Modes Burst, Gated, Sweep, Clock In/Out
Burst Duration [6] 1uS to >1Hr
Post-Trigger Delay [6] 500nS to >1Hr
Inter-burst Delay [6] 500nS to >1Hr
Burst Repeat Count 2^32 (max)
WavePort Specification
Output Level 10Vpp to 40mVpp
Output Offset ±2.5Vpp
Output Impedance 50Ω
Output Voltage Tolerance ±12V (max)
Waveform Resolution (D/A) 8 bits (multiplying)
TimePort Specification
Output Type 3-state, 100k to GND
Logic Levels 5V CMOS In/Out
Output Drive Active (low ≈0.6V, high ≈4.4V)
Output Impedance 100Ω (50mA max)
Trigger Latency 200nS (typical)
External Clock (max) 2MHz
Minimum Pulse Width 100nS
[1] Supports 4 different generator types: VSR = Variable Sample Rate, DDS = Direct Digital Synthesis, CLK = Clock Generator, PRNG = Psuedo Random Number Generator.
[2] Minimum and maximum frequency depends on generator type as indicated.
[3] Uncalibrated frequency accuracy is specified (as defined by the BS100U reference crystal). May be calibrated to better than this if precision frequency reference is available.
[4] Temperature Coefficient is that of the BS100U reference crystal.
[5] Trigger, Burst and Clock modes may be configured to accept or generate a trigger or clock signal via the TimePort.
[6] The maximum duration or delay depends on the sample rate. The maximum duration in all cases exceeds 1 hour but can extend far beyond this limit at lower sample rates.