BitScope LP103X

Mixed Signal Logic Probe (Mini-grabber test clips)
Mixed Signal Logic Probe
Product Summary
Order Code LP103X
Description High speed active 3.3V/5V CMOS & TTL logic & analog buffered inputs, 100KΩ/5pF. Includes mini-grabber test clips & LEDs.
Comment Mini-grabber test clips.
Quantity USD (US Dollar)
1+ $ 74.95
5+ $ 59.95
10+ $ 49.50

Product Information

LP103X is a premium 10 channel mixed signal logic probe compatible with all BitScopes.

It is ideal for surface-mount mixed signal work and is supplied with a set of 10 mini-grabber test clips providing flexible connectivity to almost any type of component, wire and test point.

Logic inputs are uni-polar high speed CMOS compatible with 3.3V and 5V logic levels or standard TTL logic levels. Analog inputs are bipolar 100K/5pF rated to ±12V

Feature Specification
Bandwidth DC to 50MHz
Logic Channels 8
Analog Channels 2
Rise Time 10nS (typical)
Input Resistance 100KΩ
Input Capacitance 5pF (typical)
Maximum Input Voltage [1] 12V DC
Logic Working Voltage [2] 3.3, 5V CMOS & TTL
Analog Working Voltage [2] ±10mV to 5V
Output Power Voltages [3] 5V & 9V~12V
Logic and Power LEDs [4] YES
[1] This voltage must not be exceeded at the POD input connector.
[2] Direct connection voltage ranges. These may be increased with series resistor. For example, a 100K series resistor will double the voltage range and switching points.
[3] A 5V power supply rail is provided at the POD connector. An optional 9V or 12V supply may also be available (depends on BitScope model to which it is connected). These may be used to supply low powered external circuits to which LP103W is connected.
[4] The POD connector includes LEDs to indicate power availability and logic level on the first logic channel (independently of BitScope).