Payment Options

Online payments are secured for peace of mind.

  • NEW ORDER payments on VISA, MasterCard or AMEX are accepted online, simply follow the prompts. Our SSL secured payment gateway sends encrypted card information directly to our backend order processing facility. When processed, your card details are deleted.

  • PENDING ORDER payments can be made on the same cards for unpaid orders previously placed online following the instructions at our payment gateway.

Online payments are not debited until your order ships.

  • PHONE / FAX payments for saved online, phone or faxed orders may be paid by:

    • Faxing to our office in Australia on +61 2 9436 3764,
    • Phoning us on +61 2 9436 2955 between the hours of 0900-1800 GMT+10,

    When paying by credit card by phone or fax please tell us:

    • The invoice number of your pending online order.
    • The type of card (VISA, MasterCard or AMEX).
    • Your name as it appears on your card.
    • The 16 digit credit card number.
    • The 4 digit card expiry date.
    • The 3 or 4 digit CCV code.
    • The amount you authorize to be debited to your card.

    Please sign your payment advice if faxed.

Bankwire/TT, PayPal and bank checks are accepted.

  • BANKWIRE/TT payments for orders placed online, by phone or fax may be paid by emailing sales your online invoice number. We will advise our USD or AUD bank details so you can instruct your bank to make a SWIFT wire transfer. When complete, notify us by return email or via our payment gateway for prompt handing and despatch.

  • PAYPAL payments are also accepted. Simply send your PayPal remittance to our PayPal account quoting your invoice number in the message field.

  • CHECKS payments drawn on some banks in USD can be accepted but can take a long time to clear. We do not recommend checks if you require prompt delivery. Email us for details.


Our prices are listed in USD (US Dollar) or AUD (Australian Dollar) by default.

You can view prices in another currency by clicking the Change Currency button.

We update our exchange rates weekly and sometimes more often (when rates are volatile). You can use the Universal Currency Convertor to compare these exchange rates.

We accept Bankire/TT and PayPal payments in several currencies but our bank accepts credit card payments in Australian Dollars only; the AUD order total you authorise online is the only amount we will debit to your card. We do not levy any foreign exchange fees or charges.

However, exchange rate variations and fees levied by your credit card provider may mean the total shown on your card statement (in your currency) may differ slightly from your invoice.