BitScope BP10A

BitScope Blade Pack 10 (Raspberry Pi x 10)
BitScope Blade Pack 10
Product Summary
Order Code BP10A
Description 10 node power supply and mounting system for Raspberry Pi. Comprises 5 x Duo Pi, metalwork and power wiring. Accepts 9V to 48V connected via the power plates. Up to 15A (20A surge) power budget. Insulating stand-offs included. Raspberry Pi, optional rack h
Comment Raspberry Pi x 10.
Quantity USD (US Dollar)
1+ $ 324.50
5+ $ 292.25
10+ $ 275.25

Product Information

The Duo Pi Blade Pack is a compact compute cluster built using five Duo Pi which can power and mount up to ten Raspberry Pi without any complicated power wiring.

It's perfect for building very low cost cluster solutions with Raspberry Pi. Applications include compute, render and build farms, linux based private or hybrid cloud platforms or physical computing platforms where generous USB connected I/O is an advantage, e.g. multi-channel data acquisition, monitoring or automated test with BitScope.

Each Duo Pi in the cluster has a built-in 5V switch mode supply to power each pair of Raspberry Pi and up to forty peripheral devices can be connected via the Raspberry Pi USB subject to the generous per blade 3A power budget.

HDMI and Audio ports are accessible from the Raspberry Pi in slot One allowing up to five monitors with optional keyboards and mice to be connected to the cluster making it well suited for educational and maintenance & repair applications. The second (or both) Raspberry Pi on each blade can be used as a headless server connected (via a switch) to the first Raspberry Pi or other computers on the network. Custom SD card system images for cluster computing are available or stock images with the addition of a few packages and adminstration software may be used for each node. A remote desktop server is available for use via any network or WiFi connected PC, Mac or mobile device.

The Blade Pack accepts supply voltages ranging from 9V to 48V making it compatible with 9V, 12V, 24V and 48V power sources and it can provide up to 15A continuously and 20A surge current across the cluster including any connected devices such as hard disks or SSD, BitScopes and other USB peripherals. The Blade Pack can be used with plug packs, 12V batteries, unregulated power sources such as PV solar panels and low cost uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Individual power, reset and interrupt control is provided for each Raspberry Pi so they may be individually powered down, reset and/or replaced. This is convenient as it allows servicing without powering down the entire cluster.

Insulating stand-offs are included for fixed mounts. Blade Packs are designed to be used in 19" rack configurations and metalwork and rack mount solutions, network switches, network and USB cables and accessories are available. One or more Duo Pi in the pack can be substituted with Uno Pi and Raspberry Pi HATs can be used in pack configurations.


Product Name BP10 BitScope Blade Pack 10
Compatible Raspberry Pi Models Raspberry Pi 3, 2, B+, A+ and Pi Zero
Raspberry Pi per Unit 10
USB Ports per Unit 40
HDMI & sound outputs Yes x 5
Primary Power 5V (Raspberry Pi J8 & USB)
Auxilliary Power Yes (5V via header)
Indicator LEDs Board Power & Devices Available
Device power-down header Yes
Processor reset/interrupt Yes
Blade mount tabs Vcc & Gnd with M3 holes
Raspberry Pi mounts M2.5 per HAT specification
19" rack size 5RU
Power budget 20A (peak), 15A (continous)
UPS compatible Yes (includes blocking diodes)
Power Requirement 9V (20A) ~ 48 V (2.5A)
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Storage Requirements -40 °C ~ +40 °C / 5 % ~ 95 % RH
Dimensions (W x D x H) 200 x 80 x 180 mm
Weight (Net) 500g

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